Since 2010, I have discovered that there is a demand for a specialised service which recruitment agencies in the South of England and outside the UK find extremely useful. These agencies are considering candidates for positions in various territories but right now they have found a candidate currently located in North England and they wish to know more about him/her. I am particularly strong on interviewing technical and engineering candidates, as I have spent most of my career in prominent commerical roles within engineering businesses.

The origin of this service was the difficult economic situation of the time and the desire to save travel costs. However, in addition to using an option which obviously saves money, many agencies also now use my service because they save their companies a considerable amount of time by using me to conduct a thorough interview of candidates before the candidates are put forward to their clients.

By the time agencies approach me, the candidate has almost certainly been telephone and/or Skype-interviewed and the next step would be to bring the candidate to a location in the South of England or abroad for further interviewing and assessment.

I offer a candidate interview service which costs £95 (in Blackburn)    - £155 if held in Leeds or Manchester – other locations in N. England on request - and provides a comprehensive written feedback report to recruitment agencies (and/or also to direct employers if so requested).  I conduct an interview with the candidate at my fully serviced office in Blackburn, Lancashire which lasts up to 90 minutes and which concentrates on topics and concerns which have already been briefed to me by the recruitment agency.

The feedback report is returned to the agency within 24 hours of the interview and helps in the decision-making process as to whether further resources should be deployed to recruit the candidate.

Sometimes I am asked to make a recommendation as to whether I believe it is appropriate for the candidate to be considered further for a position. Other times, I am asked specifically to concentrate on some key issues and simply to report back on the progress made in the interview regarding those issues. Many times it’s not just purely about the candidate’s competency to do the job. You and your client want to know about the candidate’s true stance for example on: extensive travel, working unsocial hours, maybe even relocation. Some topics are difficult to get to the heart of in a phone interview. The face-to-face meeting can be crucial – and that meeting does not have to cost a lot of time or money.

Client and candidate confidentiality are assured at all times. I am not a recruitment service and so there is no conflict of interest.

For an example of a candidate feedback report based on a briefing, please contact me: and I will be pleased to send you one (it has of course been “de-personalised”).

If you are interested in using this service, I am available at short notice to carry out candidate interviews, after having received your briefing on your requirements and expectations. Please contact me Tel: 07801 649960,

Peter Cloney background

As sales manager and managing director at medium-sized UK-owned and Contintental European-owned businesses during the last 30 years, I have conducted more than 1,500 interviews for the complete range of positions which a commercial enterprise requires – from shop floor personnel to key board positions, UK and particularly on the international stage, including legal, finance,  regulatory (e.g. HSE) & scientific.

I am skilled at not just concentrating on the skills needed to do a job, but also on the deeper human side of the recruitment considerations. What makes the candidate tick? Are they truly interested in the position? What non-job related issues might be on the candidate’s mind?