Summary of DIB Europe Ltd Services…

Operational assistance in achieving growth



Recruitment Services:

  • Key personnel needed to achieve growth plan

Within the overall growth plan, recruitment of one or more key personnel is often critical to achieve the growth. Peter Cloney is active is leading the recruitment process on behalf of the business owner. See the recruitment page of for more details on this.

  • Interview service for recruitment companies outside Northern England looking to interview a candidate in Northern England

In cases where recruitment companies outside N England are seeking a more indepth look at a candidate – the telephone/Skype interview has been done – but there is still uncertainty as so whether the candidate should be sent to the client company and to save on time and cost of sending the candidate outside the area of the South of England or outside the UK, Peter Cloney carries out an indepth interview of the candidate at the serviced office centre in Blackburn, Lancashire. For more details of this service, please go to the recruitment services page here.