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I act as a “hands-on” operational consultant to companies which are looking to grow. The consultancy, generally focused on improving routes to market, can be short or long-term.

During the last four years, I have worked with companies with a wide range of backgrounds – from companies in the service sector to manufacturing firms. Achieving growth is not merely a matter of increasing sales revenues. Delivering on service against the background of increasing activities requires that all operations within the business move up a gear or three to be able to support the overall growth of the business. Well thought-out practical plans which go into the “what if” scenarios are useful to help the business owner predict the most likely results of making critical decisions.

Frequently, I am involved in expanding existing sales and marketing options and I am used to looking at all facets of the current set-up and working with the business owner to select the most effective strategy to achieve the goals. Crucially, and unlike many other business consultancy - I am “hands on” assisting with the operational delivery of this plan.

RECRUITMENT of key personnel

Often, after examining options with the business owner, a decision is taken to search for and recruit a key person to fill a critical role and work with the business owner in their quest for growth and I frequently lead this recruitment process. I am not a recruitment service but I am very experienced in

(i) recruiting for businesses -  the key advantage in using me is to free up the business owner while I line up three or four suitable candidates for interview.

(ii) handling all the very time-consuming communication and correspondence in the recruitment process and  I can also be involved in “on-boarding” the new employee – again, freeing up the business owner.



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