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Peter Cloney provides, through DIB Europe Ltd, a business assistance service which is aimed primarily at owner/manager businesses in the £1m – £10m revenue bracket which are seeking to push forward and grow their companies.

Classically, owner/managers have no shortage of ideas but often lack time and resources to devote to growing the business, as opposed to running the day to day aspects of the company. Peter provides support across a diverse range of activities such as leading recruitment drives for additional key personnel, analysing the sales and marketing operations to determine exactly which accounts are providing which levels of margins, through to organising improvements in marketing activities – website development, obtaining testimonials from current customers/clients – in essence, everything which is a drain on time.

With an international 30-year career in general management and sales of high-end industrial products, Peter Cloney is commercially very experienced and also has had wide exposure to M&A, legal, HR and HSE matters on an international scale.

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